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The Power of Positive Thought

Updated: Mar 2

Did you know that words and thoughts truly are things that can create incredible results?

Let's look at the Wright brothers for example. Do you think that they could ever have achieved what they did if they hadn’t believed it could be done? When they achieved their first 12 seconds of flight, many people looked at it as a failure because it was only 12 seconds. Others, the brothers included, looked at it from the perspective that they had successfully achieved 12 seconds of flight!

Have you ever thought that success in any chosen subject could be and was achieved while the individual was in a state of negativity and negative thought? Thoughts such as: I can’t do that - That’s not possible – It will never work, have only ever given results to back up those thoughts.

I myself have been in the company of negative thinkers and let me tell you that their influence, if allowed to go unchecked, is very powerful and destructive. Look at what happens if you place a piece of rotting fruit in a bowl of fresh fruit: It turns the rest of them moldy very quickly. This is why it is paramount that if you want to live an abundant and thriving life, that you must first align yourself with a positive mindset. Then surround yourself with other positive thinking individuals. Like energy attracts like energies.

In the late 1950’s, 1500 students of Yale University were sent a questionnaire with topics ranging from the quality of food being served in the canteen to how easy it was to get books out of the library. However, there were two additional questions listed that were very important:

1) Do you have an ambition in your life?

2) Have you written it down?

Twenty five years later, a postgraduate on discovering the existence of the questionnaires decided to carry out further research on the last two questions. Here are the results of his findings.

Over 75% of the students who completed the questionnaire had ambitions for their lives.

Only 3.3% had actually written their ambitions down.

After tracking down as many of the 3.3% (51 students) as he could, they told him that most of what they had achieved had happened more by chance than design. They had ended up in careers they hadn’t planned for because they didn’t define what it was they were actually seeking to do.

The question then became that by writing your goals down, are you actively programming or reprogramming your brain to change the way you subconsciously perceive the goal?

A more recent study published on in 2018, went into further detail as to why Neuroscience is able to back up this theory. It found that people who were able to clearly and vividly “see” their goals were more likely to achieve them. (Link to the article can be found here)

However, believing in your ability to achieve the goal, starts with the belief in yourself and a positive mindset.

There are numerous ways to start changing your mindset into a more consistently positive one. One of these is to write down the goals you are working to achieve, all of them, not just the big ones. As proven by Neuroscience, the act of physically writing goals down, you are solidifying in your mind that this is something you are working to achieve. The more these goals are reinforced by actions aligned with them, the more likely you are to actually achieve them. It is also equally important that your goals are written and placed in a position where you can see and read them on a daily basis.

Make it a priority to believe in yourself and all of the amazing things that you are capable of. Be the light for others on their own journey when you can. Together, we can help lift others out of the darkness and shift their perspective to see all that is possible. The only one holding you back from achieving your dreams, is you.

With all of that in mind, I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Henry Ford:

'Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.

If this resonates with you and you would like personalized ways that you can start shifting your mindset and achieving your goals, I encourage you to book a free Discovery Call with me. My name is Liza Powers and I am a Certified Meditation Coach. I provide 1 on 1 sessions that are tailored to each individual client and their unique goals.

This free call can be booked at or click here to be brought straight to the booking form.

Thank you,

Liza Powers

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